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  • Dallas “Mac” Campbell, Sr. was born in Dillon County, SC. At a young age his family moved to McDonald, NC and then settled in Carvers Creek, NC. He married Miss Bonnie Hall and had three children; one girl (Karen), and two boys (Mac, Jr. and Stuart).
  • In 1940, at the age of 25 Campbell was the 1st man in NC to be drafted for World War II. He left behind his wife and proudly went to serve his country.
  • Dallas's 1st gas station and grill was opened in the 1930's and it was called "Mac's Place". It was branded Gulf and located in downtown Elizabethtown, NC until 1939 when a fire burned it down.
  • While he was away, Mac, Jr. was born. He was six months old before he met his father (Mac, Jr with his father)
  • In 1968, Mac Jr. came to work for his father, and in the mid 1970's he was named President of Campbell Oil Company.
  • After he returned from World War II, he rebuilt his business. In 1976, the Gas Mart, Inc. was incorporated. The 1st two locations outside of Elizabethtown were located in Lumberton, NC and were branded Shell. Mac Sr. passed away August 7, 1981 at the young age of 65.
  • The Gas Mart, Inc. continued to grow from leased locations into multiple Minuteman Food Mart sites.
  • The 1st store as Minuteman Food Mart opened in 1981 Roseboro, NC. Mac Jr. developed the name "Minuteman Food Mart" while in a local hardware store. The colors came from a Lance crackers display and the name was derived from a statue of a soldier that sat on top of the cracker display. A Minuteman is a member of a group of men pledged to take up arms at a minute's notice during and immediately before the American Revolution. Mac believed this to be a fitting name considering his father and his town's history.
  • In 2012, Dallas MacQueen Campbell, Jr. announced his retirement as President of Campbell Oil Co. and all four boys assumed his position with Brian as the President. (left to right: Mac jr., McQueen III, Wesley, and Chris and Brian, the twins).
  • Mac and Sylvia Campbell with their entire family in 2012.
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